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International News: Line Of Demarcation

The Pope has finally come to a decision, he has set the Line of Demarcation in place. By doing so, he is settling the dispute between the Spanish and the Portuguese over the Americas. This dispute has been going on for years now and surprisingly, the Spanish Pope decided to settle the dispute evenly. The Portuguese will have trading and exploration rights to the east of the line, as the Spanish have rights to the left. Before this takes place, the Portuguese and the Spanish must both sign off to the Treaty of Tordesillas. By signing this, they will both be agreeing to the Popes plan of setting up the Line of Demarcation. This will allow economic growth and development because there is less land for them to be focusing on exploring. Overall, the Pope's decision is for the best of both sides, there will be less blood shed and more development because of it.

New Advanced Technology!

During the 1400s many people had started to explore more of the world than where they were living in currently. To do this they need a way to quickly and efficiently get around to many places. People used boats but the current boats were not the fastest and were very hard to maneuver around. So in the 1400s people built the new faster boat called the Caravel. This boat was easy to handle and move around in and also a lot faster than the previous boats. This lead to faster discoveries of surrounding land and quicker ways to move from country to country or even continent to continent. Only a small crew wouldn't be needed to control this boats which lead to less deaths and they could also carry more things to and from with the extra cargo space designed in the ship and because of the less people on the boat. This boat also had a shallow draft so that they could drift into shallow waters without hitting or getting stuck on the bottom. These ships were commonly used by Christopher Columbus, Prince Henry, and Vasco da Gama. Overall this was a very influential advancement in transportation during this time period.

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Interview With A Local Slave Trader!

Today local slave trader Quomino Caffy sets up his slave booth in the local market hoping for a profitable day. The slave market is a big source of economic growth in all countries involved with this field of business. I went to Quomino to ask him what he thought of human trafficking: "We rely on slaves to power our economy. They either are assigned hard labor and die soon after being assigned to it, or they receive an easy job as a servant or porter. Either way, they are entirely under the control of their master." Our economies have become so dependent on slave trade, that if it ends, it will put our economies in a recession. Slave trade has also become a symbol of wealth and high social status.

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All Just Business!

Slave and trade with Asia, the two things that can nowadays describe most all of our economy. These two things are even the reason why Christopher Columbus sailed to India. Just to find a way to cut out the middle man when trading with countries in Asia and to enslave some of the inhabitants to make our lives easier. The items that we wanted to trade with Asia consisted mainly of spices. Spices were so important to us because the used to preserve their food, flavor, and more. But of course you already knew that. Another major material rising in the popularity here is silk. Unfortunately, Asia will not tell us their secret in making it, all we know is that it is amazing when it comes to making clothes, drapes, and blankets. In the end, slaves and our trade with Asia have made it so that we can grow and develop as a community.

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The Philippines were found by Ferdinand Magellan in the year 1521. He found this group of islands during his circumnavigation of the world. eventually, he and some of his crew got involved in a tribal war and were killed by a chief of one of the tribes. His remaining men fled the island at some point and found their way back to Europe. later, Spaniards returned and created the first settlement in 1565. the settlement was called Cebu and the Spanish then conquered the islands tribes and made the capital in Manilla. The Spanish used this as the center of their trading empire and it became well known