The Rainbow of the Deep!!!

By: Keith Mantell


Amazingly, Coral is very important to the earth’s underwater ecosystems! This organism is a key Ingredient to any kind of CORAL reef. The Great Barrier Reef is full to the brim with these, and slowly growing every day! There are many ways to state the features of this plant-like animal, but let’s just stick with the basics.


I personally think coral is pretty. Coral truly is a natural, yet some-what urban creation of the deep. It also provides a great way to open up a child’s mind, teaching them the possibilities of nature itself. But Sadly, by 2030, all of it will be gone. But before that happens, one thing is certain: If we didn’t have things like these in the first place, we wouldn’t have worldwide attractions like the Great Barrier Reef today!

Go Fish

For my aquarium I chose 4 Goldfish, 3 Cherry Barbs, And 1 Australian Catfish. The amount of water I needed to support the fish was about 17 gallons. My theme was a classic navy blue, to show that the whole ocean is mixed with different species of fish. My total amount of money I spent was $159.84, while my budget was $250. I had $90.16 left after buying the items required for keeping my fish well, the decorations, and the fish that I wanted.

Think Tank!

I did a Quizzle, a word wall, and also an educational comic! (0_0)


Word Wall!

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I chose a coral as my main topic, a clam, a jellyfish, a starfish, a sea snake, a shark, a turtle,

and a sponge.

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Who don't like extras?
What Are Coral Reefs And What's Their Purpose?

Picture Of the Great Barrier Reef!

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Definition of coral!