10 ways to feed picky eater

By: Ethan Tepe

Make shapes

Parent make shapes out of food to interest the kids

Make food with kids

Parent should let kids to make food with them that will get kids eat the food because they help make it.
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Take them to the store

Parent take them to the store and let the kids pick the healthy food.

Add new food

Parent can add new food to child favorite food.

Let them try what you eat

Parent need to let kids try what they eat if they are interested with it

eat with sauce

Kids sometime like some kind of favorite in their food

Encourage the kids

Tell the child it good for you, you will love it.

Offer new food

Introduce new food every few day
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serve small portion

Serve a little new food to the kids on their plate to try it.
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Let kids mix their own food and let them try it.
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