Classroom News

February 2016


Reader's Workshop

Students have been working hard on choosing just right books for their bin and building their stamina during independent reading time. We are also working on schema. We discussed how background knowledge helps us to enjoy and understand what we are reading and learning. Next we will move on to inferring and learn how making inferences helps us to make good predictions about the stories we read and the characters they are about.

Writer's Workshop

Our realistic fiction stories have been typed and published! Boy did they come out great. Students came up with some good realistic problems and interesting characters to solve them. We will begin opinion and persuasive writing. Be on the look out for some letters from your child persuading you for something they want!


We are working hard on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. Students were taught several strategies, and continue to practice them when solving number stories and during our math workshop activities.

We will begin our place value unit. Students will have a better understanding that digits carry a value and what those digits actually mean. They will learn how to write numbers in standard, expanded, and written form.

As always, please continue to practice basic math facts . Research says that short, frequent sessions are the best way to learn them! There are great apps and websites, and the old fashion way of calling out a few here and there works awesome too!

Science and Social Studies

We are reading non-fiction articles about different land forms and learning more about continents, oceans and the world we live in!

We have started our matter unit in Science and will complete some experiments that demonstrate the three states of matter – solids, liquids, and gases. Students will observe how matter can change from one state of matter to another. They will complete some “lab reports” to record their observations.