Photographic Process Worker

By:Darian Gutierrez

Basic skill requirements

You just really need to know all the basics of the printer like how to put the ink into the printer.How to change the time and proper focus and exposure time.How to examine printers like what they need to print like paper,ink,brushes,pens.How to select lens according to size,and negative photograph.

Activities done in the job

They really just read work orders to determine what is the process of materials and equipment needed.They rinse developed prints into water and place them in heated cabinet.They examine printers and thats one of the basic skill requirements.They mix solutions to fix the problem with the printer like if it needs more ink but than it dosen't want to print the words which are written with the ink you have to fix that too.

Working conditions and physical demands

You usually need to carry 10lbs to 20lbs and you also use your arms and legs a lot.You usually have exposure to gasses, dust, fumes, odors, poor ventilation.Work in this you have to stand more than one-third of the time work in this involves making repetitive motions more than one-third of the time.Your usually inside most of the time.You need to move your hands a lot to control,and feel objects and be exposed to high voltage electricity, combustibles, explosives, and chemicals more than once a month.

Work hours and travel

Weekend hours because of Duplicates materials to produce prints on sensitized paper, cloth, or film, using photographic equipment.They usually check if the pictures came out correctly.You are usually inside all the time. familiarity with computers is increasingly important for these workers.

Educational requirements

Reading comprehension how well you understand written sentences and paragraphs medium:Reading a memo from your manager describing a new office policy.Active listening how well you listen and understand what people are saying medium:Answering questions about a credit reference.Speaking how well you can talk to others to tell them information medium:Interviewing people applying for a job to find out their job to find out their work.Critical thinking how well you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches medium:Evaluating customer complains and deciding how to respond.

National,average, and hourly wage for this job

National average annual wage for this job is $25,770 national average annual wage.Average annual wage in Texas for this job $26,240 average annual wage in Texas for this job.Hourly wage for this job in Texas $12.62 hourly wage in Texas.Variation in salaries reflect difference in size of firm, location, level of education and professional credentials.

Future outlook

The Outlook: stable growth is estimated to be 2%.Decreasing employment change is estimated to be -7.7%.Job openings:15 estimated annual job openings.Employment:630 were employed in this occupation.