Greece Wars

The Persian Wars

When the Persian Empire found out that Athens was giving supplies, food, weapons to people in Turkey, a war broke out. The Persian wars were fought between the Persian Empire and Greece city-states. The entire war included three battles and in the end, the Greeks became the victors. This event resulted in the Delian League, the united Greece was stronger than ever and the Classic Age gradually develops.

Delian League

The Delian League is a treasury formed to build up military powers and supplies to fight against anyone who attacks them. The cause of this event was the Persian Wars.

All city states gave money to Athens to build up military. But the Spartans get jealous of how wealthy and strong Athens is getting from being in charge of the League and start a war. The war is called the Peloponnesian war and ended the Delian league which caused Greece city-states to be no longer united.

Peloponnesian Wars

Spartans thought that it was unfair that Athens were getting rich from the Delian League so they started the Peloponnesian wars. During this war, Greece basically split into half, allies of Sparta, and allies of Athens. There were few nuetral city-states but most of Greece was involved. Greece was weakened and the king of Macedonia saw his advantage and decided to conquer them. His name was Alexander the Great.
An Introduction to Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War - A Macat History Analysis

Alexander the Great

Alexander was the prince of Macedonia until his father, the king, passed away. Alexander the Great conquered Greece and became the ruler of the new land. He was a famous conqueror who conquered most of Greece and Asia. He was a smart leader who was incredibly intelligent.
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