Interior Design Book

Creating a Book Over the Different Elements and Princples of Design

Elements and Principles of Design Project— Create a booklet illustration with definitions and pictures that represent the elements and principles of design.

Booklet Due

Tuesday, Feb. 19th 2013 at 8am

FACS Classroom

Project Requirements Below:

I. Line

a. Define line

b. Different types of line create different emotional responses. Indicate the feeling or emotions produced by each of the following lines and show examples of each: Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Diagonal Lines, Curved Lines

c. Show illustrations of at least three different ways to use lines in interiors.

II. Form

a. Define form

b. Display two examples of form creating weight and 2 examples of form making an object appear light.

c. Give a thorough explanation of how from gives an object its appearance of weight

III. Space

a. Define space.

b. Present an example of space in housing used to create a feeling of dignity or splendor

c. Present an example of space in housing to create a cozy, warm feeling.

d. Present an example of space in housing to create simplicity.

IV. Texture

a. Define texture

b. Present an example of tactile texture.

c. Present an example of visual texture.

d. Use a minimum of 6 words to describe each texture.

V. Color

a. Define the different color schemes

b. Present a color scheme

c. Present the different moods color can effect

VI. Proportion

a. Define Proportion

b. Present 3 different examples of proportion in an interior housing environment

VII. Scale

a. Define Scale

b. Present a unrealistic and realistic example of scale

c. Define human scale and present an example

VIII. Balance

a. Define balance

b. Present and label an example of each type of balance

IX. Rhythm

a. Define rhythm

b. Present an one example of:

i. Rhythm in modern buildings

ii. Rhythm in historical buildings

iii. Rhythm in a home

X. Emphasis

a. Define Emphasis

b. Present and describe an example of emphasis

XI. Putting it all together

a. Define Unity

b. Using a single room for this illustration, comment on the five elements and six principles of design used in the room.


Feburary 4th-12th: Computer Lab Research

Feburary 13th-14th: Putting It All Together In Class

Feburary 19th: Project Due