Sydney, Australia

Pure blue water, beautiful beaches, and some fun site seeing

Sydney's Cuisines

Make your taste buds try something new. If you want a nice cup of coffee go to Barzura Cafe. Some of Sydney's restaurants serve crawfish, hamburgers, and sushi. mmm yum! Have you ever tried a pie before well you have not lived until you try Sydney's famous meat pies. It's like a pot pie but with only meat in it and with ketchup on top of it. If it ever gets cold on your visit in Sydney try something new like their peas and ham soup. Make sure to try one of Sydney's amazing meals.

The History and state of Sydney

Do you want to know a little something about Sydney? So what do you know about Sydney, did you know it was found in 1788. Did you know the state flower is the Waratah flower. Have you ever seen a bird with a red head and a gray body well go to Sydney and see the Gang-gang cockatoo the state bird. Sydney has 20% of Australia's population wow what a crowd! Now you know a little something about Sydney.

Sydney's tourist fun

Want a fun vacation? Come down to the Taronga zoo and some of Sydney's cute animals. Are your feet tired from all that walking and you still need to go place to place well hop on one of Sydney's water taxis. Do you want to see a good show go to the Sydney Opera House also see the beauty in it.Take a nice swim in Sydney's popular beach Bondi Beach. Be sure to try one of these fun activities on your vacation.

The Landmarks of Sydney

Want to see some of Sydney's landmarks?

The Sydney tower is by far the tallest building in Sydney opened in 1981. The Sydney Town Hall is one of beautiful landmark Sydney has to offer. The Sydney Opera House is a beautiful historal site, did you know it was not finished till fourteen year after it was planed. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of Sydney's beautiful landmark where you can walk over the pure blue water. See some of these amazing landmarks on your trip.

Amazing Languages

Einglish is the offeil language of Sydney isn't that awesome. What's cool about Sydney is that they found Egyptian hieoglyphics on rocks. There is about 6,500 deaf people in Sydney wow. Sign language in Sydney is called Auslan. Wow what wonderful landuage in Sydney there is.

The Forcast Of Sydney

You might want to bring an umbrella because it rains through out the year, almost 138 days a year it rains. The best time to visit Sydney is in Feburay because on averge it it's about 79degrees fahrenheit. The worst time to visit Sydney is in July because of the cold whather of 61 degrees fahrenheit. The average whaether in Sydney is about 77 dearees fahrenheit to 66 dergees fahrenheit chilly huh? Better bring jacket because it could get pretty chilly brrrr.
Cute animals at Taronga Zoo in Sydney