Katy's Teamwork Flyer

Everything about Teamwork!

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is working in a group to solve conflict. Teamwork is also when you're moving forward to make progress with two or more people. Whether you're helping someone with their homework, helping someone that's new to something, or if you're helping to make supper, you're using teamwork almost every day. Teamwork can increase your social skills, etc. Even if you didn't notice, you're using teamwork almost everyday!

Why Is Teamwork Important and How Can You demonstrate Teamwork?

There are many reasons why teamwork is important. One of the reasons why teamwork is important is because when you're talking to someone in your team, your social skills are increasing. Another reason why teamwork is important is because you will be more successful in the future.

You can demonstrate teamwork by helping a friend do homework, try solving a problem with a friend, helping a friend to is new to something, or helping your family make supper. If you do any one of those, you can call yourself a teammate.