Come to Pakistan's

Put out the Fire

Friday, June 21st 2013 at 6pm

All over Pakistan

Why this day?

It is Benazir Bhutto's birthday. She was a feminist leader before she was assassinated in 2007. She led all of Pakistan as an effective politician, being raised by a prominent politician, her father. We are coming together this day to celebrate her birthday and to help us all become equal women like Benazir.


6:00 cook your man a terrible meal

6:30 run away from your house and join the rest of your female friends to help put out the fires

TBD come together as women and move into a house together because you are strong, independent Pakistani women who don't need no man!!!

The Next Day catch the earliest flight to America

Rest of Your Life #noregrets #neverturnback #ayeladiesssss #'Merica