PHS Media Monthly - October

Volume 2

Student One Drive Instructions

All GCS students now have access to One Drive. Instructions are also located on the Page website under Students --> Login Sites. Click HERE to download complete instructions.

One Drive provides online versions of Microsoft Office Products. Students can log in from school or home to work on documents and presentations. They may also share files with other students or with teachers.

1. Go to the internet and type the URL address: and press “Enter”.

2. Enter your username (for example: username – and click “Sign in”.

3. Enter your username (111111111) and password (01011999).

4. Click “OK”.

5. Now, you are able to begin working in Office 365.

Need Tech Help?

Jenn and Sally alternate hall duty on Wednesday mornings during PLCs and we can make ourselves available to help your department with technology training. Need a session on maintaining your website? Need help with your InFocus projector? Please see us so we can schedule a session!

One-on-one help is also available during your planning period!

How Do I?

…Post Slides to Carousel?

  1. Visit
  2. Post your own slides to Carousel from school. Username: user, Password, tech. DO NOT share this info with students.

… Create a Account?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Create Account.
  3. Choose Instructor.
  4. Account # 80365
  5. Password: phs2013


Meet the Author - B&N YA Reading and Signing

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 7pm

3102 Northline Ave

Greensboro, NC

Meet young adult authors Joy Hensley and Jenny Hubbard. Hensley’s book Rites of Passage is a fast paced novel where a 16 yr old girl discovers that being one of the first young women to attend an all male military academy leads to unexpected problems. With the grueling military training, academic expectations, horrible living conditions and hazing from the other students, Sam finds herself with few allies, and choosing the wrong person could have deadly consequences.

Jenny Hubbard’s And We Stay is a powerful book about the aftermath of suicide. Emily Bean is no goody-goody. Her parents have placed her at a boarding school after her boyfriend’s suicide and her abortion. Emily is driven to write out her grief and horror (Paul shot himself in front of her in the school library) in poetry that she models after her inspiration Emily Dickinson, who attended the same boarding school.

App of the Month

Knowmia offers video presentations and interactive assignments for classroom use. Teachers are able to create the slides with text, pictures and even add their own graphics or video themselves. This tool is available through your desktop computer or as an iPad App.

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