Ludovico Ariosto

By: Adam Landon

Biography and His Work

  • Ariosto was born on September 8,1474, Reggio Emilia,duchy of Modena, Italy.
  • He spent most of his life in Ferrara, Italy. "When Ludovico was 10, the family moved to his father's native Ferrara, and the poet always considered himself a Ferrarese(Giovanni Aquilecchia 1)."
  • "Ariosto studied law because he was forced by his father. After he studied law he devoted his studies towards literacy (Giovanni Aquilecchia paragraph 2)."
  • Ariosto became commander of the citadel of Canossa and later served for Cardinal Ippolito d'Este. After that he devoted his life to writing.
  • He wrote literature. One of his most famous works was the poem, Orlando Furioso.
  • His patrons were the Duke Alfonso and Allessandra Benucci.
  • The Work
  • "And from those ancient days my story bring(Line 1, pg. 1),"
  • The name of the piece is Orlando Furioso.
  • It was published in 1532.
  • Writing techniques were used from were used from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The poem is written about split into three different parts written about three different subjects in the poem.
  • The poem shows humanism because it focuses on the values of the people.
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