Located in southern Africa.

The Outback

Malawi has some of the most stunning outbacks. From crocodiles to antelope and many more, I'm sure you'll have a great trip.

The History of Malawi

Malawi is a land locked country that is the size of Pennsylvania. It's located in the southeastern region of Africa. Malawi was found in the 8000-2000 B.C. Bantu- speaking people migrated there between the 1st and the 4th centuries A.D. The presidents name is Joyce Banda. He was elected president in 2012.

Some Activities To Do:

Guaranteed to have an awesome trip.


How do you get there?

You can get there if you take a plane from Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

What kind of restaurants do they have?

They have Indian, Chinese, and many more to choose from.