Lovable Bulldogs!

Hey wanna learn about dogs? Read my Article! Bulldogs!


1) Do you like playful dogs?

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3) If you do Read my article! It's called Lovable Bulldogs! You will learn many things about this type of dog! Please Enjoy!

Age and weight!

All dogs are known for something right? Too many to name but i can name two! Hunting and performances. Some male Bulldogs can weigh up to 51 pounds and live between age 51-55. Female bulldogs lives up to the same age as the male but weighs 49 pounds. All in all the Female is much smaller than the male. Here is one Video of Bulldogs doing some tricks!
Jake, the English Bulldog, does tricks...

Puppies! and waiting

All puppies are Adorable right? A well fed bulldog puppy weighs three pounds. That's as heavy as an adult brain! Wait a minute before you go mess around with that pup! You need to wait 5 months for he/she to be able to walk, bark, or even see! The puppy needs to stay close to mom because they cant see far or go far. They need to be close to mom and Fed enough until there old enough to go on there own! There the 6st popular in the U.S.A! Good luck finding a Dog!
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Please do not take your bulldog on a plane! It will stop breathing or even die. this is caused by the respiratory system. Its okay to take them in a car. But DO NOT take them on a plane unless you really hate them!
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So! did you like my article? I hope you learned alot about the weight, height, age, and other facts! I hoped you liked this article and have a good day!

All about the Author.

Carly Cameron grew up as a child in Kansas City Missouri. She never had a pet before but she knew everything about every type of dog. She is smarter than a dog. And can be found in Florida as a grown woman. She said this one day " You only have one life. you must live it right".