Death of Coral Reefs

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The main issues and negative effects

Overfishing and global climate change are threats to coral reefs. Coral bleaching can occur for a number of reasons like, ocean acidification, pollution, excess nutrients from run-off, high UV radiation levels, exposure at extremely low tides, cooling or warming of the waters in which the coral reside.

Areas and Wildlife that are affected by the Death of Coral Reefs

The Gulf of Mexico is the main place that is affected by the death of coral reefs. Over 4,000 different species of fish are affected by death of coral reefs. The fish are affected because a lot of fish live in coral and they wont have places to live if the coral reefs die.

the people being affected by the death of coral reefs

The effect of coral reefs does not effect our lives in League City. I don't think it could reach our area but it most likely can. People are affected by the death of coral reef because they provide benefits to humans in the form of food and medicine and provide economic benefits to local communities from tourism.
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who causes the death of coral reefs and the solutions

People cause the death of coral reefs by coastal development, overfishing, inland pollution and global climate change. NOAA and partners are developing an inventory of MPAs with coral reefs, and creating networks of MPAs, enhancing their effectiveness. I would try to stop the land population and help with the global climate change. I think this could help the death of coral reefs
Life & death of coral reefs