Wanted Alive


Anas fulvigula
The mottled duck or mottled mallard is a medium-sized dabbling duck. It is intermediate in appearance between the female mallard and the American black duck.
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Might Be Found Hiding In

These type of ducks are found in the gulf cost of Alabama through Texas to northern Mexico.
These ducks are known as threatened.

- Along the Gulf of Mexico coast, the Mottled Ducks are one of the most frequently banded waterfowl, This is due to part of the fact that it is mostly non-migratory.

Describing The Mottled Duck

The adult mottled duck is 44-61 cm (17-24 in) long from head to tail. They have dark bodies, lighter head and neck, orange legs and dark eyes.

-Both female and male's have a shiny green-blue speculum and it is not bordered with white as with the mallard.

- If you want to see this type of bird all you got to do is go to the beach somewhere in the gulf coast of Alabama Through Texas/ Northern Mexico.