Friday Coffee Chat!

December 12, 2014


Look at these ladies hustling this December! Whether they are trying to qualify, go for a Glam level or beat their personal best, we love seeing them shine!!!!!

Megan Filipowicz has three shows in the next three days! She is hostess coaching like crazy and I know she will be seeing some PURPLE results!

Megan Wittmann decided to just go for it and put herself out there by inviting co-workers, neighbors and customers to an open house this week! Less thinking, more doing!

Bonnie Frain has zero shows on the books for December, but that isn't stopping her from her goals! She booked a preschool moms show next week and has been contacting men for gifting! Hustle girl!

Meghan Scott hosted her own Sample sale yesterday! Delighting customers with some discounted "retired" sparkles for the holidays!

Ali Rago is hosting a "MAN Show" this weekend with her DAD and all of his buddies! Can't wait to hear all about this! SO FUN!

Shannon Burgwald , Ashley Janis and Kelly Smith all are PUSHING to get to Glam 4! On the beach girls you go! Loving your determination!

Jeanine Nau is starting a new job, studying and also maintaining her business by coaching her team and prepping for January!

Lauren Harrington just moved, her hubby is traveling and even while taking care of two sweet boys, she is working her business!

Erin Kohrherr , NEW MOMMY is in the grove! Already past qualified and working trying to reach her goal for the month with a newborn in her arms!

Amy Flores and Bridget Evans are setting up Opportunity events in their area! Gearing up to grow their teams in 2015! LOVE!

Suzy Albert is helping her community in need after a horrible week of fires and destruction. Giving back looks GORGEOUS ON YOU!

The list can go on and on! SHARE what YOU are doing this month!!! WE LOVE TO CHEER EVERYONE ON!

TOP TEN IN Sales- Week TWO!

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QUALIFIED! WOW! Don't forget about our BIG HUGE Front Load Challenge! Sell $500 by MONDAY (the 15th!) and you are entered to win TWELVE different prizes!!!!

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Cheers to all who have QUALIFIED so far!!!

Katherine Foster

Stefanie Ott

Ashley Janis

Kati Ayres

Taryn Stabler

Kirstie Pomaranski

Kelly Smith

Megan Wittmann

Suzy Albert

Jennifer Francis

Kellie Fletcher

Kimberly Benny

Shannon Burgwald

Kristina McKillop

Bridget Evans

Lisa Gombas

Megan McGlynn

Kaylia Austin

Carolyn Bowden

Stacey Skene

Michelle Babb

Kyle Barr

Erin Kohrherr

Diana Clavin

Beth Quartel

Lindsey Goodwin

Tanya Clemens

Allison Rago

Lauren Harrington

Elizabeth Stonaker

Lindsay DeFruscio

Christine Valenti

Rachel Cogan

Danielle Habr

Hillary Strickland

Samantha Violante

Kristin Lawlor

Johanna Flores

Jeanine Nau

amy wrobel

Bonnie Frain

Ann Marie Phillips

Natalie Barlick-Reed

Amy Troutman

April Rineer

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