Babysitting Safety

By - Makenna Agen - Brooke Kaczrowski - Kayla Register

Why this is a problem?

Babysitting safety is a big deal! The rules are very important because you are held accountable for anything that happens to that child. Also if something bad happens, people talk and nobody would want to hire you again. For these reasons, you should stick to the rules and do exactly what you are supposed to.

Supporting Fact #1

- If you are hiring a teenager for a few hours the best way to find her is through friends or family members who can recommend someone to you. Generally girls from around the age of 12 are considered capable of babysitting


- When looking for a babysitter try to find someone who you know and make sure you do a background test. Also see if they have their babysitting license.


If you are starting to babysit make sure that you are patient and can handle your kids. If you aren't good with kids we recommend that you should find somewhere else to make money. Also be good to the kids because if the children don't like you, they will tell their parents.