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Thursday, May 9th, 2019


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*****************ACTIVITIES *************************

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Plano ISD to Begin Collections for Unpaid Meal Charges

April 2019

This month, families with unpaid meal charges will begin receiving notifications from Plano ISD regarding the amount owed and how to pay their balances. We want you to be aware of this impending communication and the related guidelines and payment options.

The goal of Plano ISD’s school breakfast and lunch program is to provide healthy meals to children during the school day. In order to serve healthy, high-quality meals to all children, we must make sure we are financially secure, and parents play a key role in this effort.

Procedures for Students with Unpaid Meal Charges:
If you are unsure if your family has a meal account balance, you can view your balance via the Plano ISD Mobile App (downloadable at, or you can access and pay the balance online using Paypams,

A student is allowed up to two reimbursable breakfast meal charges (where served) and two reimbursable lunch meal charges. Once a student incurs these charges, communication to the parents/guardian is initiated. This month’s direct notification will include comprehensive guidelines and instructions, and will be sent in addition to the regularly scheduled notifications.

· Parents/guardians may make payments in students’ accounts through the online payment system or in person at the campus site.

· For online payments, visit You will need to know your login information.

· To access the Free and Reduced Price Meal Application visit Qualifying for the Free and Reduced Meal Program will apply only to charges incurred after successful enrollment, and cannot be applied retroactively to existing balances.

For questions or inquiries about payment plans, contact the food and nutritional services manager at your child’s school. You may access those phone numbers as follows:

· Elementary Schools:

· Middle Schools:

· High Schools/Senior High Schools:

El ISD de Plano iniciará la cobranza de cargos de comida no pagados

Abril de 2019

Este mes, las familias que tienen cargos de comida no pagados empezarán a recibir avisos del ISD de Plano sobre el monto debido y cómo pagar sus saldos pendientes. Queremos que estén enterados de esta comunicación inminente y las directrices y opciones de pago relacionadas.

La meta del programa de desayunos y almuerzos escolares del ISD de Plano es de proveer comidas saludables a los alumnos durante el día escolar. Para poder servir a todos los alumnos comidas saludables y de alta calidad debemos asegurarnos de estar económicamente estables, y los padres juegan un papel esencial en este esfuerzo.

Procedimientos para alumnos con cargos a la cuenta de comidas no pagados:
Si no está seguro si su familia tiene un saldo pendiente de pagar por comidas, puede ver su saldo en la App Móvil del ISD de Plano (descargable en, o puede ver y pagar el saldo en línea a través de Paypams,

A un alumno se le permite hasta dos desayunos reembolsables (donde sirvan) y dos almuerzos reembolsables, por cobrar. Una vez que el alumno incurre estos cargos, empezará la comunicación con el padre/tutor. La notificación directa de este mes incluirá directrices e instrucciones exhaustivas, y se enviará además de las notificaciones regularmente programadas.

· Los padres/tutores pueden hacer pagos a las cuentas estudiantiles a través del sistema de pagos en línea, o en persona en el campus.

· Para hacer pagos en línea visite Será necesario saber sus datos de inicio de sesión.

· Para acceso a la Solicitud de Comidas Gratis o a Precio Reducido, visite El derecho al Programa de Comidas Gratis y a Precio Reducido solamente se aplicará a los cargos incurridos después de una matrícula válida y no puede ser aplicado de forma retroactiva a ningún saldo pendiente.

Para dudas o preguntas sobre planes de pago, comuníquese con el gerente de servicios de alimento y nutrición del campus. Puede comunicarse con esos teléfonos como sigue:

· Escuelas Primarias:

· Escuelas Medias:

· Escuelas Secundarias/Preparatorias:

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***********************CONGRATULATIONS ********************************

This past Saturday, the Plano Jazz Ensemble traveled to Grand Prairie to compete at the GPFAA Jazz Invitational.

Going up against probably the strongest line-up of any Jazz Festival in the state this year, I'm proud to announce that our group took 2nd Place!!

In addition, Adhar Brooks took home the award for Outstanding Saxophone Soloist of the festival!!

This group has worked extremely hard all year and this was a wonderful way to cap it off.

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BPA Nationals

We are back from Nationals and have some great results to share with you (see below)! We had an awesome experience. The kids worked hard and it paid off. We are very proud of them all.

Just a quick explanation of how awards are presented at Nationals for BPA. The top 10 students are called up to stage and presented with a medal. They then announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This is why some are just listed as Top 10!

We took 18 students from PISD. 14 of the 18 were called up on Stage as Top 10! Pretty impressive!

Of the 14 Top 10 Students – 4 earned 1st place!


BPA Nationals Results

Personal Financial Management

Brandon Chen (PWSH) - 1st place!

Benjamin Ai (PSHS) - Top 10

Advanced Word

Sejal Jain (PSHS) - Top 10

SQL Database Fundamentals

Hrithik Jha (PWSH) - Top 10

Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Amanda He (PWSH) - Top 10

Fundamental Spreadsheet

Caleb Yu (PSHS) - 1st place!

Extemporaneous Speech

Annie Lu (PSHS) - Top 10

Legal Office Procedures

Karen Yang (PSHS) - 1st place!

Java Programming

Autumn Tan (PWSH) - Top 10

Howard Yang (PWSH) - Top 10

Financial Analyst Team

PSHS (Suraj Bhat, Abrar Mustafa, Steven Zhao) - Top 10

Fundamentals of Web Design

Shaurya Kala (Jasper) - 1st place!

There are several other ways to stay connected:

* Please follow us on Twitter @PSHSWildcats

* PSHS website at

* PSHS PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Assoc.) website

* PISD (Plano Independent School District) website at



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