All About Maria Salvador

All About Me

10 Facts About Me

  1. My favorite color is purple
  2. I don't like chocolate
  3. I hate roaches
  4. My favorite sport is soccer
  5. I love hot cheetos
  6. Im in "Ladies Of Excellence"
  7. Im the oldest and only girl (3 brothers)
  8. Im 14 and my birthday is in June 8th
  9. I love horror movies
  10. Im easy to talk to

My Most Emberresing Story

My most emberresing moment was when i was in 1st grade and it was cold outside. I was getting ready to go school and i wore a skirt. On my way i was really cold and when i got out of school the teacher saw me and took me to the office. Sence it was really cold and i was a walker they call my parents to pick me up and let them know that i was wearing a skirt. I was emberred nothing ever happend to me like that. My dad stared lauphing at me.

Special Momentsđź’–

Extra :)

Questions i ask when im in school

  • When do we go home?
  • Who is that?
  • How much time till next period?
  • When is lunch?
  • Where is her/him?
  • Are we going to do alot of work?



Instagram: ayee._.mariiaa