3rd Six Weeks Overview


How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Every year, there's this place called Whoville with a lot of Who's. Now since its Christmas, all the Who's where rushing to get all their gifts for Christmas, But there's only one Who, who my not be a Who oh, but this Who hated christmas so much he'd mess it up every year.His name was the Grinch.
During the night crafted a red suit with a red hat and made a sleigh, with a Christmas bag. So later that night during christmas eve, he slid to who's ville to steal all the gifts.First he was at Lucy Lues house stealing everything from the tree, stocking, cookies with the milk and not only Christmas things he stole the firewood, the ham and the tv. He stole everything, you couldn't hear anything, nothing, but a mouse.
The Grinch slid back down to who's villie giving every who there stuff back. The who's didnt know what was going on. So as the who's ate they invited the Grinch to eat with them, and he did. As he got to understand the who's and Christmas and he loved it. Now every year the Grinch helps set up for christmas and everybody lived happily ever after. (THE END)