The Orangutang Orange Farm

Gainsville, Florida. Year round growing season little frost

Our buyers and packaging

Our oranges will be sold to super markets, farmers markets, local smoothie and health food stores along with the ability for customers to come on to our farm and pick fresh oranges off our lushes trees accompanied by our secured and daily checked rolling ladders, our produce oranges are picked with the help of canopy shakers, a rising trend across the state here in Florida.
When you come pick oranges you will leave with one of our handy square biodegradable, reusable Orangutan Oranges grocery bags and our oranges are delivered to produce markets and any other business transaction in bright orange net sacks in your choice of 50, 100, and 200 per sack.


Being located off interstate 75 our orange trees naturally draw a lot of attention to themselves and draw our costumers in when they see the fruits in their preferred stage, our billboards across many of the local roads and in local malls and businesses also attract a lot of customers for our farm. People enjoy coming to hand pick their fruit and seeing the exact branch it grew off of and interacting with our staff and watching the more commercial side of the harvesting and packaging. We are very family friendly and your kids are sure to enjoy a nice half hour- hour picking fresh bright oranges in the Florida sun. Most people leave with a smile and satisfied that the fruit they just picked was cheaper, more fun to do, and possibly exactly what they would've picked up at there local food store.
Everyone loves Orangutan Oranges

Nutritional Benefits and Smoothie

Our Florida Oranges are excellent sources of vitamin C and dietary fiber, as well as B vitamins including vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, and folate, they also give the consumer good nutritional values in vitamin A, calcium, copper, and potassium.
Smoothie- The Double O, first pick your choice of juice concentrate, add a little milk, water, and ice, mix in some sugar and vanilla then add your peeled orange and if youd like a mango and or banana, then you have what we call the Double O, make it yourself or pick one up when you leave our farm at our smoothie stand.

Fun Facts

Orange is actually a type of berry- hesperidia.
Orange trees are evergreens and can reach heights of 30 feet.
20 per cent of the total crop of oranges is sold as whole fruit, the rest are used in preparing orange juice, extracts, and preserves.
orange trees can live over 100 years.
Navel Oranges are seedless, they can’t reproduce through pollination and require “budding” or grafting to create new trees.
A single citrus plant can bear as many as 60,000 flowers, but only 1% of those flowers will turn into fruit.