Caramel gum

I want to make a sort of chewy called. It is a thing that you can chew and chew until you don’t want you. It can last all day maybe of 5 minutes. Some can come with tattoos.

It is going to be caramel. A flavour that can fit with a lot of thing. Like a hungry jacks a take way place it can go in a Sunday.

Anybody can use this unless they are allergic to caramel or don’t have a mouth!! It has a lot of a flavour sensation until it runs out.

They would chew and chew till it has no flavours. They will use this product by keeping in in their mouth wile chewing

They would south your taste buds and have some flavour in their mouth. When they have a minty mouth from brushing their teeth you will have a caramel flavour instead.