Fast Facts

content- Asia




main religions-Buddhism or Shinto

distance from capital to dc- 6815.99 miles

Dating And Marrige

when two family's join together because of marriage in japan its called yuino. in japan the average age for people around 15 even if the don't have money or a car.

Every Day Life

in japans every day life there are vending machines that sell every thing from candy to soda and every thing from phones to tablets. in japan when you enter someone's house you have to take off your shoes and maybe even have to were slippers.


most woman try to dress with the crowds but in japan woman or girls its not acceptable to show bare legs out in public. the only time its acceptable is if there business women wearing a skirt for her job also if you work for a business usually you were a pantsuit or skirt every were as sign of I`m proud of were I work.

Things I Would Like To Do

I would like to see the museums and visit places like anime studios also I would like to learn there language and meet some people and get there opinion on living in japan and what its like.
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