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It may be quick and yummy, but are those things worth the health risks McDonald's could cause? Parents and teens all over the world frequent McDonald's fast food establishments on a regular basis. For a world on the go, it offers a multitude of options at a low price. This makes feeding a family quickly not only a possibility on those busy nights, but a cheap alternative as well. McDonald's also offers a varied menu of items that can appeal to everyone, from the burger lover to the salad connoisseur. And what kid doesn't love getting a toy with his food!

In recent years, McDonald's has also tried to create more healthful selections for their customers. They now offer apples in their happy meals. They also offer yogurt and oatmeal on their breakfast menu. It is up to their patrons, whether they choose these items, but they are offered. They have also decided to provide the nutritional information about their food products for all their customers. Of course, you have to ask for this information or know to turn over the tray liner to find it, but they have it should it be requested. With all those points, it would seem that McDonald's is a perfectly acceptable and reasonable meal choice. However, I would argue that for all the good things they offer, what you really get is a meal with little nutritional value and more harmful ingredients than a cheap meal is worth. Is your health worth sacrificing for to save a few dollars and a few minutes?

Research Topic 1

Point: Just because it tastes good, doesn't mean it is good for you.

Statistic: Medium Fry contains 380 calories/ 20g of fat – which is 31% of the recommended daily fat intake

Fact: French Fries contain sodium and saturated fats.

Example: Eating fries fried in saturated oil regularly, can increase your bad cholesterol count, thereby risking coronary heart disease

Research Topic 2

Your daily meals should include a healthy combination of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Eating fast food meals on a regular basis makes it difficult for you to achieve that, because most menu items can't provide these things. They contain too many fats and calories to balance out the little nutritional value present. For example, a large McDonald’s French Fry contains only 6g of protein.

Research Topic 3

Obesity in America can be contributed to the rise in fast food establishments. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. A diet high in fat is a leading cause of obesity, poor cardiovascular health, high blood pressure and diabetes. The American Diabetic Association reports that most fast food items contain high fat content.

Pro's and Con's


  1. McDonald's uses polyunsaturated oil, which is a healthy alternative to saturated fat, to fry their French Fries.

  2. It is a quick meal for families on the go.

  3. It tastes good!!!!!!!!

  4. The restaurant does offer healthier alternatives to the French Fries.

  5. It's affordable.


  1. High fat content.

  2. High sodium content.

  3. Little nutritional value.

  4. Eating a poor diet causes digestive difficulties.

  5. Regular consumption of high calorie meals lead to obesity.