Battle of Pydna

June 22, 168 BC

What is the Battle of Pydna?

  • 3rd Macedonian War
  • Continuation of 1st and 2nd Macedonian Wars
  • Roughly 38,000 Roman soldiers
  • About 44,000 Macedonian soldiers
  • Lucius Aemilius Paullus - Roman general
  • Perseus - son of Philip V and Macedonian king

Why did the battle occur? What lead to the battle?

  • Battle was a continuation of two previous wars between the Macedonians
  • Paullus dispatched a section of his forces to attack as a feint
  • Perseus is forced to move north to a village just south of Pydna

What happened in the battle?

  • Macedonians were gaining on the Romans at first
  • Battle lasted one hour
  • Broken land messed up Macedonian Phalanx
  • Paullus sent elephants to attack Perseus
  • Romans short swords were an advantage
Big image

Above: The center of the battle

What were the results of the battle?

  • Perseus fled from fear with soldiers on horseback
  • Rome kills remaining Macedonians
  • Rome wins and conquers Greece
  • around 25,000 Macedonians killed in total and about 10,000 taken as prisoner
  • Rome had 100 men killed and 400 wounded
  • Perseus found and humiliated
  • Macedonia was finally defeated, they thought

Fun Facts:

  • Rome had around 29,000 soldiers with 34 elephants
  • Macedonia had 40,000 soldiers with no elephants
  • Lunar eclipse night before battle
  • 1/4 of the Macedonian army didn't fight
  • Paullus wanted to fight in the afternoon
  • Battle of Pydna 148 BC - Roman leader Quintus Caecilius Metellus
Big image

Above: Macedonian soldiers colliding with the Roman soldiers


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By: Natalia Bien and Tom Niemann