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August 29, 2018 Volume: 2 Issue: 1

PSA: Bring your charged Chromebooks to class everyday!

Performing Arts

Musical Auditions were held Monday and Tuesday.

Interviewers Lochlyn Adrian and Diamond Davis interviewed Mrs. Bennett and asked what she would enjoy the most about this year's musical, she replied. “Working with the cast is my favorite part.” Below are other questions from the interview.

Q: What form of dancing is heavily implemented in this upcoming musical?

A: “Tap dancing- lots of it!”

Q: When are the show nights?

A: “They are on November 15th, 16th, and 17th at 7 pm.”

Q: Out of all of the musical options, why did you choose 42nd Street?

A: “I think it will challenge us in a good way and it will be fun!”

Come out and support, whether you’re in the musical or you just want to watch. It’s great fun for everyone, so be there or be square!!

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D.C. Essay Winner- JROTC Program

During the school year in JROTC, each cadet is required to complete an essay. Last year the topic was,¨Service to Others.¨ Each cadet writes an essay and each of the instructors grades them and talks with one another about being the ¨best¨. Cadet Davis´ essay was sent off to the 3rd Brigade in Chicago and then from there, it was sent off to Nationals in Washington DC.

Davis was excited about the trip, ¨A free trip to D.C.? Heck yeah! I wouldn't change anything about this trip. It was impacting and honestly very breath-taking. I never really get to travel, because its so expensive, so getting to go for free, for working hard in school- was definitely a plus! I am so proud of myself for always challenging myself and never giving up, in the end, it pays off! I am very excited I was able to go on the trip with the people of my choice because they made it so much more fun!¨

-Cadet Diamond Davis

¨Washington DC was an amazing trip. Having the ability to take a student to the Capital and see history, each and every day was priceless. Diamond is an amazing student who deserved the opportunity of a lifetime!¨

- Sgt Lescoe

Pictured: Sargent Dana Lescoe, Cadet Diamond Davis, and Jo Burns

Summer as a Cadet- JROTC Program

MHS Clubs

Student Senate

Freshman elections will be held Thursday, September 6

Contact Mr. McGuire or your World History teacher

Mr. McGuire:

  • It is a great way to get involved in what happens in the school

  • You get to be a part of the decision process of new ideas for next year's school year, homecoming/court-warming, teacher appreciation week, concession stands for basketball, decorating, etc!!

Spanish/French Club

If interested contact your foreign language teacher

Mr. Barker:

Mrs. Trierweiler:

Speech and Debate team

Contact Ms. Vessar:

Chess Club

Contact Mrs. El Khatib:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Contact Mr. Lewis:>

  • Gather with fellow Christians to pray and reflect

Math Club

Contact Mr. Wiechens:

Quiz Bowl

Contact Mrs. Brandon:

Outdoor Adventure Club

Contact Mr. Kirkendoll:

Art Club

Contact Mrs. Redding:

Game Club

Contact Mr. Aronhalt:

Positive Peers

Contact Sydney Baughman:

New Teachers Of The Week!


"Red, yellow, and blue are calling for you!" Red, yellow, blue, and the puzzle piece signify autism because of the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. Here are some facts about Autism to help you understand better.

1. 1/59 children are diagnosed with Autism

2. 1/37 boys are diagnosed with Autism

3. Boys are 5 times more likely to have Autism

4. Autism is one of the fasted-growing development disorders in the U.S.

5. There is no medical cure for Autism


We have a local non-profit organization located in Moberly that helps explain the everyday obstacles of families with Autism. If you want to find more information go to


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Spartan Seniors!

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