We have it all!

City of Brotherly Love

Every city has a unique story to it and the colony of Philadelphia has one behind its name. William Penn experienced a great deal of adversity due to his religious status of being a Quaker in England. When creating a new place of living he wanted to ensure that anybody could practice religions freely without consequences from higher power. Therefore, he named the city Philadelphia, which means 'brotherly love' in greek.
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But really, we do have it all

While each place has it's perks there is usually a catch to every positive. But not here! Here in Pennsylvania we offer toleration of religion and opportunity on the economic spectrum. You really can have it all. When building up this colony, William Penn was very meticulous on how he wanted everything to develop and fall into place. He developed great relationships with the Indians and made sure that peace was a huge factor in the building of the colony. Each house was set far enough apart as to prevent the spread of even the smallest forest fire and was mapped out along a grid nice and neatly. One would say he might have been a little OCD but many were attracted to this great colony of ours because of the many police Penn enacted. Those that flocked to the great area helped with the rapid growth and prosperity but while doing so, they threw the plans for the area off a great deal. Instead of having a hierarchical, people began to live where and how they pleased and pursued what they believed would yield most economically beneficial. Pennsylvania was a step in the right direction, moving away from the inequalities of the old world.
all information taken from Of the People