6th-12th Grade : CANCELED FRIDAY

-- 1.28.22 --

Tonight we have received news that Aquin Girl's Basketball Coach Adam Holder has passed away. Adam was a long-time and treasured member of the Aquin community. He was a Coach, a Father, a Role-Model, and a cornerstone of our Aquin family.

Adam meant so much to so many in our community. With such a sudden, leaden loss, we, as an administration, a community, and a school, recognize the impact this will have on so many of our students. In order to allow time to grieve and heal, we will be canceling school for Grades 6-12 tomorrow, Friday, January 28th, 2022. Grades PreK-5 will proceed with school as previously planned.

Such sudden news strikes deep. The healing process is long, and is different for everyone. Our Jr. and Sr. High Faculty will be available on campus throughout regular school hours tomorrow. We invite and encourage students to come, of their own accord, and speak with us. Healing is a difficult process, but it's easier with help.

We ask that you keep the Holder family and all others affected in your prayers.

Please direct any concerns to Mr. DeMichele at info@aquinschools.org.

God Bless.