The Jefferson Journal November 26th

From our family to yours happy Thanksgiving Jaguars!

November 22 newsletter
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Thomas Jefferson Rated among highest in the State of Wisconsin! Go Jaguars!

I am so proud to announce that the State of Wisconsin has awarded Thomas Jefferson with the highest possible Five Star / Significantly Exceeds Expectations rating. We have such a tremendous team here of teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, students and parents. Thank you for your partnership and teamwork to help us achieve such a special rating. Thank you for all you do to support us and to help your children succeed.

Important News For the coming weeks


  • 27th, 28th and 29th NO SCHOOL


  • 2nd PTO Meeting at 5-6 pm in Library
  • 4th 4K Parents at School Day 9:55 to 10:55 and 1:10 to 2:10
  • 6th 1st Grade Family Lunch
  • 7th Barnes & Noble Book Fair
  • 10th First Day of Session 2 After School
  • 13th PTO Holiday Chalet
  • 23rd-Jan 1st Winter Break- NO SCHOOL

Noticias Importantes Para La Próxima Semana

27, 28 y 29 de noviembre

  • No hay clases

2 de diciembre

  • Reunión de la Organización de Padres y Maestros (PTO) en la biblioteca.

4 de diciembre

  • Día de Padres de familia en la escuela de las clases de Pre-Kinder (4K) a las 9:55-10:55 am., y 1:10-2:10 pm.

6 de diciembre

  • Día de almuerzo en familia para 1er grado.

7 de diciembre

  • Feria de Libros de Barns & Noble

10 de diciembre

  • Primer día par la sesión 2 del Program Después de Escuela

13 de diciembre

  • Tienda Navideña de la Organización de Padres y Maestros

Del 23 de diciembre al 1 de enero

  • Vacaciones de invierno - NO HAY CLASES.

Yaam Tseem Ceeb Lub Asthiv tom Ntev

Lub 11 Hli Ntuj
  • Hnub tim 27, 28 and 29 TSIS KAWM NTAWV

Kaum Ob Hli Ntuj

  • Nub tim 2 Nam Txiv Nai khu muaj Saablaaj 5-6 tsaus ntuj huv Library
  • Nub tim 4 Nam Txiv 4K tuaj tom tsev kawm ntawv 9:55 - 10:55 sawv ntxuv hab 1:10 to 2:10 taav su
  • Nub tim 6 Tsev tuabneeg Qaib 1 tuaj nrug mivnyuas noj su
  • Nub tim 7 Barnes & Noble Book Fair (nrhav nyaj rua lub tsev kawm ntawv)
  • Nub tim 10 Thawj Nub Lub Program Lawb Ntawv Pib Qho 2
  • Nub tim 13 Nam Txiv Nai Khu Qheb Hoob Library Muag Khoom rua Christmas
  • Nub tim 23 - Ib Hli Ntuj 1 Su - TSI MUAJ KAWM NTAWV

Shutterfly Storefront Fundraising Program

Through the Shutterfly Storefront Fundraising Program you can earn donations for Thomas Jefferson.

For every purchase made, Shutterfly will donate 8% to your organization (after discounts and before shipping and taxes). Below is the link that will bring you directly to the site.

Safety Patrol of the Week November 18th-22

This week’s featured safety patrol is McKenna B. McKenna is a 4th grade student in Mrs. Ninnemann’s class. McKenna’s favorite subjects are art, social studies and morphographs. When she is not at school, McKenna enjoys hunting with her dad and cooking with her mom and grandma. McKenna says she enjoys being on safety patrol because she likes making sure kids get home safely. Thanks for your service, McKenna!

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From Your School Nurse

The holidays usually coincide with a lice outbreak in many Wisconsin communities. This is because families may exchange more than just presents over the holidays. Close contact with family members makes for an easy way to exchange lice.

Lice don’t jump, so the problem is not that lice jump from the hair onto coats or hats, and then jump back to the next wearer’s head. What lice can do, however, is crawl from head to head during a close hug or while taking a selfie. It takes just 30 seconds of head to head contact for a louse to move from one head to another. (Think about kids huddled around a new toy, tablet or cell phone)

Lice can’t survive without two things: 1) warmth from the human body, and 2) human blood to feed on.

So what can you do to prevent a case of winter lice? Here are a few recommendations.

• Tell your kids not to wear other people’s hats or hair accessories.

• Check your kids’ heads for lice once a week. Incorporate this into nighttime rituals like bath time or book time. Look for brown or gray eggs (about the size of a sesame seed) glued to the hair shaft, approximately 1/8” to 1/4” from the scalp.

• Use lice prevention products containing peppermint, tea tree, or rosemary. There are numerous products available, including shampoos, conditioners, and sprays. Lice prevention products attack a louse’s “olfactory” nerves. In other words, lice can’t stand the smell. The products will smell pleasant to you and your child, but not to lice. Since lice move to new hosts primarily through head-to-head contact, they will avoid a head that smells of peppermint, rosemary, or tea tree.

• Talk to your friends. Silence about head lice is one of this critter’s best friends. People don’t like to talk about lice because they mistakenly believe lice are a result of poor hygiene. Don’t let that stop you. Tell your friends what you’re doing to prevent lice infestations, and encourage them to do the same. Anyone who has dealt with lice in the past will appreciate it!

• Go to for a really great video on how to check for head lice.

If your kids do get lice, keep calm. There are a variety of treatment options. Over the counter treatments are relatively inexpensive. They require a second treatment and we recommend daily nit combing. There are also services provided in our area, like Lice Clinics of America who guarantee their treatment.

Please contact your child’s school nurse for any questions.

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Barnes and Noble Book Fair

Please watch for the below flyer and mark your calendar to join us at Barnes and Noble for our Book Fair!!! Remember to bring the coupons from the right side of this flyer when you attend the book fair (if you forget they should have extras there).
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Playground Information

The cold Wisconsin weather is upon us! Parents....PLEASE make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the playground. When there is snow on the ground, students MUST be wearing ALL OF the "Magic 5" to play in the snow: 1) Warm jacket 2) Hat 3) Mittens/gloves 4) Boots 5) Snow pants. We want our students to be safe and warm at recess!!!
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Would You Like to Volunteer? Thomas Jefferson could use your help


Just a reminder, volunteer opportunities will be posted online throughout the year. Please sign up online and not just with the teaching staff. This keeps everyone accounted for and safe that is in our building.

If you haven't created an account yet, click here and complete the application

If you already have a volunteer account, log in at, select the opportunity you are interested in and sign up.

Remember, volunteering in the classroom and going on field trips requires a criminal background check. Complete Step 2 if you plan on this type of volunteerism. They do take time to process so please plan ahead.

For questions or to learn more contact Roxane Hagedorn, (preferred) or 715.261.0584.

iPad Insurance

If you have not already paid the ipad insurance, please send $10 (cash or check payable to WSD) per device, to the school office.

If payment is not received or insurance declined, families assume the full cost of any and all repairs caused by misuse, abuse, or accident.

If you are unsure if you have already paid, please call the school office at 715-261-0175.

Thomas Jefferson PTO needs your help!

Our next PTO Meeting will be on December 2nd at 5-6pm in the school library

If you have questions or ideas please contact either

Natty, Natthasinee Khanthachai at

or Sara Baumann at


E-Flyers from non-profit community organizations, as well as for District and school-sponsored activities and events, are routinely posted to the District website. To be sure our families do not miss these activities and events, an email will be sent to parents/guardians around the 1st and 15th of each month.

Guidelines for submitting E-Flyers can be found here.

Thomas Jefferson Family Cook Book!! Please share your recipes here!!!

We are celebrating our diverse and amazing Jefferson culture by compiling recipes that make our homes special! Add a dash of tradition and a cup of your family favorites! If you have a recipe that you would like to share for our end of the year Jefferson Family Cook Book here is the link and code to get there.

Once there, use the plus button under the correct recipe heading and type in your recipe! Let's grow in tradition together!

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If you need help or translation please feel free to email or call

Contactos para nuestro increíble equipo de traductores y profesores de EL.

Hu rau peb pab pawg neeg txhais lus thiab cov xibfwb qhia EL

Paokee Xiong - EL Teacher -
Lisa Alexander - EL Teacher -
Sara Goldberg - EL/1st Grade Spanish Bilingual Teacher -
Edgar Gomez Oviedo - Spanish Translator -
Eileen Thao - Hmong Translator -
James Lor - Hmong EL Paraprofessional -
Samantha Kniess - 4K Spanish Bilingual Teacher -

Please check out the December Home & School Connection

After school Programs and Boys and Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club stops at Thomas Jefferson daily to pick up 4th and 5th graders who have signed up. If your interested please contact the Boys & Girls Club directly at 715 845-2582/ or Lisa Carroll at 715 261-0180

December Menus