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Finished With Weight Lifting Unit

We have just finished our unit on weight lifting and the health benefits that come with lifting weights. The class blew the unit out of the water! Many students saw tremendous gains in there lifting abilities! Here are some questions from this unit that can help you relate with your student! You may be impressed on the knowledge they have on this subject!

1. What does the acronym FITT stand for?

2. What is an isotonic movement?

3. What is an isometric movement?

4. Example overload and how it relates to weight lifting.

5. What is progression?

6. Define Specificity.

7. Name three safety precautions you should take when in the weight room.

8. What are three interesting facts you heard from our guest speaker? (A professional trainer that has worked with the Cowboys)

Raising Money for the annual AAPHERD Convention

Jump Rope Team News

As many of you know our jump rope team has caught the eye of many physical education teachers around the state. Our students have been given the opportunity to be able to perform in front of hundreds of individuals associated with physical education and fitness around the state. The convention will be in Little Rock. This event is not in the Valley View physical education budget. In order for our students to attend we will have to raise our money ourselves. We will have a meeting this coming Monday night in the Fine Arts building at 8:30, concerning how to raise the funds to attend. We look forward to seeing you! Go Blazers!

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