Trouble is, You think You have Time

So do you take short-cuts to come up when you have no time


Tuesday, March 29th, 11:30pm

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Delhi, India

New Delhi, DL

Coding is all about logic
And the reason behind implementing it.....

So, Come and prove urself ULTIMATE CODERS

Let your geekiness fill in the blanks of your personality......

Show it to the world how good you actually are!

And how? Here we tell you!

Love to make logic looks small ?
Furious to take shortcuts?

If so the
Then CODE GOLF is the best place for YOU.

CSI GTBIT brings to you the most awaited coding event of the year CODE GOLF'2K16.
The ultimate hunt for this year's CODEGEEK

The round 1
This round tests yours basic code skills .So guys brush up your code skills and u good to go for the second one

The round 2
Be well prepared & boost up your level.... Get through some interesting challenges and let ur mind go for a perfect ride And
If this event hasn't eaten u up v will make sure the next one makes u that high

The round 3
One grand question given to every individual . The most efficient code decides the ultimate codegeek.

Ahhh saved urself from every round?
Hmmm now what!!
With proven brain storming test u r a real codefreak
So brush up your Mind & Skills!!
Join us on 29'March 2k16....
The ultimate battle of code and brain

For Further Details, Contact :-

Harshdeep Singh (EM)

Sanya Tuli (EC)

Kanchi (EC)

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