Tech Nuggets

April 2016

Tech in the Building - April

Location & Dates

EEC & TriCounty Office - Friday, April 8th

Larned High School - Tuesday, April 12th

Larned Middle School - Thursday, April 14th

Phinney - Tuesday, April 26th

Hillside - Wednesday, April 27th
Northside - Thursday, April 28th

*Attention - This will be the last Tech in the Building day for the 2015-2016 school year.

Tech Challenge Bingo

It's not too late to register!

The Tech Challenge Bingo has begun, but you still have time to register and play. Take a moment to register at the Tech Challenge Bingo Registration website. Then go to the Tech Challenge Bingo website for instructions on joining the USD 495 Tech Challenges Facebook Group and to access the Bingo Card. You will also find the game rules, some helpful resources and a list of the prizes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Gwen Lehman.

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Summer Computer & iPad Updating

This summer we will be updating all staff computers and iPads along with all the student devices. Your computers and iPads will be wiped clean. Any files that you want restored on your computer must be in either the Documents folder or the Desktop folder on your computer. We will not restore any other files stored on your computer. Also, due to space limitations, we will not backup and restore photos, videos or music. You will want to backup your files on Google Drive or some other external drive (USB drive, external hard drive, etc.).

If you have saved bookmarks and passwords in Safari and/or Firefox, you will need to retrieve that information as they will be lost in the updating process. Please click the buttons below to access videos on saving this data from your browsers.

Please note that iPhoto will not longer be available on your Mac once we update to El Capitan. You will have an application called Photos that has replaced iPhoto. So saving your iPhoto Library will not be helpful to you. If you currently have photos in your iPhoto Library that you want to keep, you will need to drag them out of iPhoto into Google Drive or some other external hard drive to save them.

You will also need to backup any data, images or videos you have on your iPads. Before turning your iPad into your administrator or the Tech Office, you MUST do the following in your iPad settings:

  1. Remove all device passcodes
  2. Delete your iCloud account from the device
  3. Sign-out of your iTunes account on the device

Below is the schedule for updating all certified staff laptops and iPads:

Elementary & Tri-County - May 24th - June 10th - - Your laptops & iPads need to be left with your administrator before you leave on May 24th.

Larned Middle School - June 13th - July 1st - - You will need to bring your laptop & iPad to the Tech Office at the high school by June 13th.

Larned High School - July 5th - July 22nd - - You will need to bring your laptop & iPad to the Tech Office at the high school by July 5th.

All secretary, custodian and kitchen computers will be updated during the course of the summer.

If you are not a certified staff and have been assigned a laptop for your daily duties, you will need to turn your computer into the Tech Office no later than May 24th (the last day of school).

Summer Learning Opportunites

This summer will bring many learning opportunities for our staff. Check out the options available to you:

Tech Tuesdays: Gwen Lehman will provide 1/2 day technology workshops on topics like Google Classroom, Classroom Website, Screencasting and Breakout Edu. A full listing including dates and times will be coming in May.

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom - Intel Teach Elements Course: This online course, facilitated by Gwen Lehman, focuses on implementing student collaboration experiences with your students using various digital tools. This course will be available for college credit from Baker University.

EdCamp Kansas: This is a FREE unconference devoted to K-12 issues and ideas. Never been to an unconference? Check out the bottom half of this article for a great explanation - This on is available in various locations throughout Kansas on June 16th, but you must register for a ticket soon!

Podstock: This is a tech integration conference and much more! Learn with other educators about creativity, inspiration and great tools to use with students. Podstock runs July 13-15 in Old Town Wichita. Registration is $200, but you get $50 off if you register before May 1st. Want to know if this one is worth your time? Ask Marcy Wagner!

Skyward Update

Kris and Yvonne have been working with Skyward this past month to schedule summer Skyward training events and preparing for the big conversion at the end of May. All work in PowerSchool must be completed by the end of the May 26th. On May 27th, we will begin the conversion process from PowerSchool to Skyward.

Some of the Skyward training will take place via their online professional development center. There will also be some face-to-face training occurring toward the end of summer. If you need to attend any summer training, you will receive an email from Kris with the details. Teachers will receive their training through the online professional development center and it must be completed prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year.

If you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Office.

Google Filter in Email

During the past few months, we've had a few staff members contact the Tech Office because they were not receiving notifications of shared Google Docs. So far, in all these cases, we have found a Google filter within their email account. This filter moves any email with the word Google in it to the Trash rather than going to the inbox. If you have experienced a similar problem, please follow the steps below:

  • Open your email account
  • Click the gear wheel icon in the right-hand corner
  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Select the tab that says 'Filters and Blocked Addresses'
  • If you see a filter that says "Matches: Google...", click 'delete' directly to the right of this filter.

*If you followed these steps, but do not see this filter you may wish to contact the Tech Office. Remember, this is only if you are not receiving Google related notifications that you should be receiving.

Copier Codes

Our apologies for miscommunication relating to the resetting of copier codes. The impression was given that your copier code counts would be reset at the end of each month, meaning you could use your monthly copies up until the last day of each month. The copier codes are actually reset the last Friday of each month. In March, your counts were reset on the 25th rather than the 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.