Typhon and Echidna

By: Jessica & Ty

Who is Typhon?

Typhon’s parents were Gaea and Tartarus; they bread him to be a fierce monster with the power to defeat Zeus. Typhon was the most feared god because of his size and strength. (even other gods feared him) He has one hundred heads that were snakes, and he could be as tall as the stars. There were no other Gods that were as fearful as Typhon ("Typhon...").

Who is Echidna?

Echidna is married to Typhon, while also being brother and sister. She was the god of all Greek monsters and icky things like slime, disease, rot, illness, and fetid. She was half women and half snake. Cerberus and Medusa were a few of her children. Echidna was known to be the most fearsome and dangerous monster out of all mythology (Echidna...").
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The Story of Typhon's attempt to Zeus at Mt. Olympus

Typhon was bred to be unstoppable, and with a hate for Zeus because he thought he should be in power. Typhon wanted to take control of Mount Olympus from Zeus. Zeus had to shoot him one hundred times with the lightning bolt and Typhon was still able to fatally wound Zeus. Hermes came and healed him. When Typhon lost, Zeus threw the mountain called Mount Etna on top of him. This is how we got earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Every time that Typhon tried to get from under Mount Etna, he made a volcanic eruption or an earthquake.

About Typhon and Echidna's Children

Cerberus was a three - headed hound that protected every gate that went to the underworld. Lernaeae Hydra was a serpent and was able to grow two new heads every time one was lost ("Echidna"). Two other children that Echidna and Typhon had were Medusa and Chimera. Chimera was a lion, a goat, and a snake.
Typhon Greek Mythology