LMMS Weekly Review

Week of May 9th

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Leave Request

Please be reminded that your students are counting on you until the end of the school year. It is very important that we have a strong finish.

Remember the proper procedure for call outs and leave request. Not following this procedure may result in a no call no show. My phone number is (919)816-6916.

EOG Attendance

Shout of to Ms. Brooks for working hard on EOG planning and scheduling. Please be mindful that it is important to have ALL hands on deck everyday of testing.

EOY Calendar is Coming!

While we wait....

  • Clubs are over on Friday, May 20th
  • Testing Training Monday, May 23rd during PLC's
  • ALL Staff Meeting Monday, May 23rd 2:30-3:00
  • Last Day of Pride May 26th
  • Testing May 27th-June 7th
  • May 26th- Last Day Glass House/Hallway
  • May 25th- Last Day of Tutoring

Montessori Relaxation Day

We will have an EOY Montessori Relaxation Day on May 27th beginning around 10:30. Students will participate in Yoga, Zumba, Painting, Dancing, etc.. This will be a non instructional day beginning at 10:30.

Quiet & Calm Hallways

Due to the amount of behavior incidents, we will like quiet transitions and hallway transition only with passes.


Claiming Students in EVAAS:

When it is time to claim your students in EVAAS, only claim students that receive 100% of their instruction from you. Leave ESL and EC students unclaimed until I email you the formula to figure out those percentages.

Bullying in Classroom

Please keep your eyes open for any form of bullying in the classroom. None of our students have a pass to bully. If a student tells you they are being bullied, it is your responsibility to file a formal complaint with Meg. Please don't wait until it has gotten out of hand.

ESL Changes for May

We will have an intensive Reading EOG Prep for our ESL students beginning May 2nd. This will mostly effect the student's elective classes with the exception of C3/C5. Please place this on your calendars and help encourage the students to remember their sessions.

11:53-12:38 C4/C6 (Katie's Room)

12:40-1:32 C3/C5 (ESL Room)

1:35-2:20 C1/C2 (ESL Room)

EOG Testing Dates

DAY 1: Friday 5/27

  • English I NCFE Online

HOLIDAY: Monday 5/30

Day 2: Tuesday 5/31

  • 6th Grade Reading P/P
  • 8th Grade Reading Online

Day 3: Wednesday 6/1

  • 6th Grade Math P/P
  • 8th Grade Math Online

DAY 4: Thursday 6/2

  • 7th Grade Math Online

DAY 5: Friday 6/3

  • 7th Grade Reading Online
  • Latin Exam P/P

DAY 6: Monday 6/6

  • 8th Grade Science Online

DAY 7: Tuesday 6/7

  • Math I EOC Online
  • Math II NCFE Online

DAY 8: Wednesday 6/8

  • Make-ups

DAY 9: Thursday 6/9

  • Make-ups

DAY 10: Friday 6/10

End of Year NCEES Observations

Formal final observations will begin this week and will last until the end of the year. They are unannounced 30 minutes.

Leaving Campus

All leaving campus is restricted unless prior approval is given by principal or designee. This time is actual work time. Leaving may require a leave form to be completed and approved by principal or designee.

Planning Time

Planning time is to be used for school/student based needs. Please remember that students should have at least one grade a week. This is not happening in all classes. Parents and students are concerned about their student's progress. Here at LMMS all teachers have at least 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week to plan unless Wednesday is used for PLC and Thursday for EC. Please use this time for student needs.

Remember to wear RED for Ed on Wednesdays to support Public Education

After School Tutoring Update

This is the expectation for everyone. I have noticed some teachers not tutoring. Please be mindful that there are students in your community that will benefit from small group time with you after school. The data analysis plans that were created are to be used as a road map to growing your students.


The last day for Advisory will be May 5th. There will be a Band concert on May 12th and Strings concert on May 19th during the advisory times. Bring communities to the gym after attendance.

Absent Students/Educational Leave

Student Absences

Please remember that emails and letters should be given to Ms. Melvin immediately after receipt. This is the only way to have them updated in the system. Announce to students that their letters should be dropped off in the main office to Ms. Melvin as soon as they return to school. We are noticing more parents stating that letters were sent to the school and given to teachers.

Educational Leave Absences

All student educational leave must be approved by me. Please forward emails and letters from parents stating that their child(ren) will miss school due to family vacation, travel, etc.. Please do not give a parent the impression that their leave will be approved. Family vacations are not excused absences. Each request is handled on a case by case bases.

End of Year Activities

Are you interested in planning the EOY events? Please see the following people:

End of the year formal- Jerrica

Continuation- Meg

EOG Pep Rally- Capricia

Athletic Banquet- Jerrica and John Melvin

UNRAVEL Reading Across Curriculum in ALL classes

Report Cards & Progress Report Distribution

Quarter 4

Progress Report go home May 6

Grades Due June 3

Ms. Melvin will mail home June 8

Reminder About Outside Food

Principals, please remember and remind your staff that no outside food of any type is allowed to be sold to students or staff on campus until 30 minutes after the bell rings. This includes lunches for staff, bake sales, etc. Doing so will violate our agreement with the Federal government and jeopardize the significant school nutrition funding we receive from them. Thank you for your help with this!

Instructional & Student Support

The follow people are here to assist if needed. I have also listed our teacher leaders. If you have questions, concerns or someone to bounce ideas we are here to help!

Pat Geter- Principal

Christy Brooks- Instructional Facilitator

Bronwyn Hooper- AIG Facilitator

Tori Gredvig- Media Specialist

Meg Graham- Student Support Services Department Chair

Courtney Millis- Math Department Chair

Beth Hunter- Humanities Department Chair

Tracy Rhone- Science Department Chair

Capricia Burrell- EC Department Chair

Coming Week Preview

  • Work Plans uploaded on VLC by 3pm every Monday.
  • Lesson Plans are due every Thursday by 7:30am.
  • Review Emergency Procedures with students to include expectations during a drill. Such as transition quietly and quickly to assigned locations, etc..
  • PowerShool is expected to be updated weekly for each student.
  • Close blinds and windows prior to leaving every night.
  • Bottom and top lockers should not be released at the same time.

New Grading Policy

All teachers must have at least 1 grade uploaded weekly per subject in PowerSchool by Friday. Please be mindful to balance out your assignments/assessment per grading weights.

I am going to expect that PowerSchool is updated weekly. Not meeting this expectation may result in a written warning.

"7 Plus" Gaps Intervention

7th grade students taking 8th grade math will begin their "Gaps Intervention" Session with JJ on Tuesday, November 3rd. The information is listed below. These are non-negotiable sessions. Please direct any comments or concerns to Pat.


2x per week (either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Friday)

45 minutes per session

Location: Math Closet

C4 & C6 Students will attend:

Tuesday & Friday: 12:15-1:00 (leave during 2nd elective)

C3 & C5 students will attend:

Monday & Wednesday: 12:05-12:50 (transition directly from lunch)

AM/PM Duties

Thank you to everyone that is focused on the students during duty time. Please be reminded that this is not social time. Staff should not sit down or hold duty long conversations with other staff members. Morning duty is from 7:10-7:30. Afternoon duty is from 2:20-2:35.



3/5 (Community 5)

4/6 (Community 4)

1/2 (Community 2)


3/5 (Community 3)

4/6 (Community 4)

1/2 (Community 2)

*ESL is permanently located in Community 6

*GREAT is permanently located in Community 1

Coverage for Absent Colleagues

The coverage schedule is now on the livebinder. Ms. Cates will send an email stating that someone is out and we will follow the the coverage schedule based on your letter group. Please remember to remain positive at all times. This is a way to work together to ensure that our students are safe.

DAE News: Updated as of 5/9

Hello and good evening y'all. I hope that this finds you doing well. I'm writing, first and foremost, to thank you all for the work that you do every day. While the state plays games with our children's futures, you all are doing the work of loving them and supporting them and challenging them every single day. Thank you.

This week's update is short and sweet. Here's what I've got:

1) The new by-laws were approved by a majority vote. We'll be posting them soon and making sure that everyone has access.

2) Our membership meeting is TOMORROW (May 10) from 4:30 to 6, followed by a membership dinner from 6 to 7. We'll be meeting at Eastway Elementary and the membership dinner this month will focus on getting input and feedback about the professional development you'd like to see DAE offer next year. Please join us.

3) On Thursday (May 12), we'll be meeting to plan the June March for More to Raleigh. We'll be sharing more details publicly soon, but we've got a plan to pull people from all over the state to take action with and for our students, and we'd love as much help planning as possible. Join us from 6:30 to 8 at 512 Dunbar St.

That's it. I hope y'all had a good Monday, and I hope you're staying healthy in the final drive towards the end of the year.

Thanks y'all. For everything.

Hey y'all, I hope that this finds you doing well. Sorry for the confusion on this one, but it turns out that Eastway won't work for this afternoon's membership meeting. Please join us from 4:30 to 6 at Hillside High, Room 113. Membership dinner to get feedback on the kinds of professional development you'd like to see from DAE next year will follow.


Bryan Proffitt

DAE President




Facebook: Durham Association of Educators

Twitter: @DurhamEducators

Instagram: durhameducators

No Judgement Box Questions/Concerns

Thank you for using the "No Judgment Box" concerns and questions will be answered here weekly. Questions or concerns with negative undertones will be adjusted on here but answered clearly and in detail.

Concern: SLC expectations discussion is needed for Core, Elective & Support teachers to help with the tension between the groups.

Question: Who is responsible for the coverage of absent staff when there is not a sub present?

Answer: All staff is listed on the "Subless Coverage Rotation" on the live binder.

Concern: What is the purpose of lesson plans here at LMMS, Who has to do them, Why are some plans not loaded in the same location?


  • Should communicate first and foremost to you as the teacher.
  • Your guide and map for organizing materials
  • Your guide and map for organizing yourself for the purpose of helping your students achieve your intended learning outcomes.
  • Each staff member that works directly with students are required to have a plan.
  • Each staff member's plan is accountable to me in various ways.

Concern: What is the purpose of the feedback on the lesson plans

Answer: Moving forward, feedback may be given based on our four main academic focuses. We will meet to discuss individually with each teacher.

  • Questioning, Differentiation, Literacy and Student Engagement


  • Dismissal: Students are to go straight to car pool or buses. They may not reenter the building regardless of the weather conditions unless otherwise stated.
  • Parent newsletters/website: Please organize as a team. Send home weekly
  • We are attempting to make our school safe for everyone, please refrain from bringing nuts to school.
  • Close blinds and windows prior to leaving every night.
  • Bottom and top lockers should not be released at the same time.

Wednesday- Tutoring

Dates To Remember

Check School Calendar for Details
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