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SOM Buccaneers' News and Events vol 1 Week of 2/8/16

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Newsletter to Facilitate Communication for 2nd Semester 2016!


This is the first edition of a weekly newsletter of information and events pertaining to Southwest Middle School. If you would like to have information posted herein, please let Mr. Walsh know.

February Staff Birthdays!

Yolanda Naranjo 2/1

Maria Elena Rodriguez 2/8

Glen Smith 2/13

Carlos Ortiz 2/17

Nikki Reyes 2/21

Kathleen Attard 2/25

Congratulations to these Buccaneers:

Happy Counselors' Week Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Gonzalez!

Happy Birthday Ms. Maria Rodriguez!

Welcome Mr. Torres!

Thank you ASB and Ms. Gutierrez and Ms. Zamora for hosting Councilman Alvarez to discuss a crosswalk on Iris Ave.

SOM Learning Focus: Best First Lesson (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment)

Buccaneers: Dr, Joseph Johnson, et. al. from the National Center of Urban School Transformation (NCUST) has researched ethnically diverse, low socioeconomic, high performing schools over the past ten years. You can guess what was determined that ensures high performance: The quality of teaching practices. 1) focusing on mastery; 2) introducing content logically, clearly, concisely; 3) acquiring and responding to evidence of understanding; 4) connecting with students interests, backgrounds, cultures, and prior knowledge; 5) building student vocabulary; 6) promoting successful practice; 7) making students feel valued and capable; and 8) leading students to love learning. (Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools, Johnson, Perez, Uline, 2013)

When these "Best Practices" permeate the learning culture throughout the school, students excel and perform at high levels! This is a "no brainer"! The challenge for us is to strive to ensure that each lesson that we create through our PLCs or interdisciplenary collaboration accounts for the needs of each student and successfully and intentionally integrates as many components of the tenets above as possible. Using our "Week in a Nutshell" lesson planning document, we can ensure that we are prescriptive and diagnostic, and account for the needs of all our learners. Here's to planning to teach, and teaching as if the fate of the free world depends on today's lesson!

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STEAM students checking the legal limits of ADA Ramps!

STEAM Resources:

This Week on the High Seas:

February IS African American History Month!

Monday, February 8 (2,4,6)

  • Love and Friendship SPIRIT Week (Black and White Day)
  • Trauma Informed Care (Torres, Karlin, Counselors)
  • Middle School Principals’ PLC (Walsh)
  • Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

Tuesday, February 9 (3,5,1)

  • Love and Friendship SPIRIT Week (Famous Duos Day)
  • Calendar Mtg. 9:00am @ Conf Rm
  • SUHSD Security Training (Torres, Jordan, Walsh, Gonzalez, Downs)
  • Social Science Cohort Mtg (Latoni)
  • Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

Wednesday, February 10 (4,6,2)

  • Love and Friendship SPIRIT Week (Stripes and Polk Dots Day)
  • College Awareness- Wear your college T-Shirt
  • Science Zone Mtg (Bertoson)
  • Knowledge Bowl @ Granger Junior High 8-12PM (Barron)
  • Texas Music Educators Conference (Ballard)
  • Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

Thursday, February 11 (5,1,3)

  • Love and Friendship SPIRIT Week (Red, Pink, and White Day)
  • Admin Leadership @Conference Room 1PM (Walsh)
  • Donut Café for Buccaneer Brigade Students 8-8:30AM (ASB)
  • Science Pullout Mtg (Bertoson)
  • Texas Music Educators Conference (Ballard)
  • Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM
  • Sweetheart Dance 5:50-8PM (ASB)

Friday, February 12 (President's Holiday)

  • No School
  • Texas Music Educators Conference (Ballard)

Saturday, February 13

  • Saturday School 8-12pm
  • Credit Recovery 8-1PM

PLC Planning Time this week (2/12):

Friday, President's Holiday, no PLC meeting this week. Next Week: STEAM Unit Planning as will be discussed in FAC, Curriculum Council, and Faculty Meeting
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Councilman Alvarez' Visit!