Chaddama Party

Chaddis 4 guys, Pajamas 4 gurls! White Tshirts everyone?

This event is happening on a special request!

Bhaiji's and behenji's - This is a no prep, no fuss, chill out event. Come as you may and join the fun..

However, please give a shit about the dress code. It's important. We'll be taking pictures and you don't want to be the odd one out :P

Ronnie's Chaddi/Pajama Pre celebratory birthday Party

Saturday, Jun 22nd, 7pm

Aman Villa.

Dress down, drive up. Be prepared to do nothing but laze around and chill.

Party starts at 7 pm and goes on till whenever...

There will be chilling out followed by popcorn, sodas, beer, chips and bitings. And then some light dinner. Leave room for some awesome dessert.


7 pm - People start coming in.

8 pm - 8 PM! LOL. No, we'll just have beers and sodas this time around.

9 pm - Light starters and/or popcorn and stuff.

10 pm - Dessert

11 pm - Movies and Playstation, yeah baby!

12 pm - Happy Birthday Ronnie.

Party goes on till late...

Disclaimer: POA is tentative and may change depending on general consensus.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

There's always Whatsapp for all of that!