Ismael V. 2nd

What was the change?

Renaissance is a change in art, literature and learning.

From 1300 to 1600, western Europe experienced a ribirth in trade, learning and Greco Roman ideas. The change was western Europe emerged from middle ages during an era known as the renaissance people focus more on their self and no beeing a lot of attention on the church.

Who were the people associated to the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

During the middle ages to the renaissance people are more focus on their self and in education and they are not focus on the church. The rise of trade during the renaissance gave people options to leave the manor and move to cities to serve as merchants or skilled artisans. During the renaissance, people had more options than ever before which led a belief that people can accomplish anything. Individuals became the center of attention during the renaissance, social status was based on wealth and ability.

How that change evidenced in today modern society?

The 3D demisinal art, the learning today still exists. The renaissance time help the society today. For example, in the way that they created realistic sculptures, and also the learning they have in the way that many people think in the time of the renaissance, help the society today because people today can think their own ideas and prospect their own skills and care more about their selfs and not be focus on the church all of a time. The renaissance help the society today by the individuals have their own thinking.