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Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska

I would like to go white water rafting in Alsek and Tetshenshini river in Alaska you would see lots of ice bergs and go down water falls I would take my family and my friends James and Dylon it take 23 hours to get to Alaska by plane it was formed by physical erosion of water and glaciers.
Cave of Swallows - Schwalbenhöhle in Mexico

Schwalbenhöhle or the cave of swallows in Mexico

the cave of swallows would be really cool to sky dive with my friend Dylon it would be so awesome skydiving in to a cave with lots of birds flying around you in to it is four hundred meters to the bottom it was formed by phisical water erosion.

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Wingsuiting in Zhangjiajie China

i would really like to be able to fly throw the mountains with out a plane or any thing excerpt my suit and my friends like a flying squirrel i would take my dad and my friends.it would take 30+ hours to get there and the mountains where most likely made by physical weathering of wind and water.
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Snow bording down Mammoth Mountain

I've never been snowboarding but I have always wanted to it would be awesome sliding down a mountain at high speeds i would take my hole family. the flight to mammoth mountain California take +5 hours.the mountain is physically eroded by wind and water.
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great sand dunes national park in colorado

it would be really cool to go sliding down mountains of snow at high speeds. If I were to go I would take my hole family. Most of the erosion there is physical wind blowing away the sand.