Anastasia The Last Grand Duchess

By Anastasia Kelly

The Book

This book is by Carolyn Meyer. It is about Anastasia the Last Grand Duchess of Russia in 1914. She was the youngest girl of five and had a younger brother. Her parents were Nicholas Romanov and Alexandra Romanov. She was born in Russia 1901.

This book is about......

Anastasia and how her family gets separated after they try to leave their hometown. The book is for ages from 10 to 15. It is written like Anstasia's journals entries. This book is a very interesting and fun book. I loved this book because it is fun and exciting. At some points it is slow but there is always a twist or funny part. it is very interesting to learn about the life of a Russian Duchess and how she reacted to many things like her friend getting in a life threatening accident. This book is one of my personal favorites and I hope it will be your too.