Maria Sanchez

Did it hurt when you fell from the border?;)

Moving Day

I am so excited to move away from Guatemala in hopes of a better life in the borderlands. #NewBeginning:)
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Right now I do a lot of my work on site for clients but I do about a third to half of my work on site at my metal shop. My biggest project right now is a light fixture for an art museum.
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Dinner timeee

Highly recommend Restaurante Bar Garcia's. Service was fantastic and they had a fun atmosphere. Reminded me of back home. #NewRegular

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Moving is hard so I decided to treat myself to some fun this weekend. I went to Boca Chica state park. #BeachDay
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So tell me how an ex trump adviser is gonna change the pope? Can't wait to see how this plays out. #smh

Shop til ya drop

Ran down to the 77 Flea Market in Brownsville this week and bought a new lamp. #stylin

5955 N Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520-9458

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Border be crayzyyy

This whole border issue is becoming more and more of a central focus. Maybe we should make visas more accessible to the public or maybe allow visas where you can be a citizen of multiple countries again? I don't know, such a hard topic to talk about.


Why does America have so many holidays? #GuessImHavingAPicnic

So I have my own show?!

I was just casually searching upon the internet when I found this tidbit. Love my fans<3

Foodie is what foodie does

Yes i'm a grown up now. Yes I can cook. Kinda, maybe.