Westing Game

Theme Poster


In life we learn that people are not who they appear to be or seem to be.

Universal Theme

This theme is universal because people can use it in their life to remember not to judge each other on what they are on the outside. You may think that you know someone just by looking at them but chances are that you don't.


You see the theme at the beginning of the book when everyone assumes that Sydelle can't be the murderer just because she is crippled. A quote from the beginning of the book when all of the people assume this is when they say "At least her crippled partner couldn't be the murderer" (Raskin 35). This shows that people are judging Sydelle without knowing anything about her.


In the middle of the book you also see the theme when everyone thinks that Turtle is the bomber when she isn't. Turtle is actually just covering for the bomber but no one else knows this. "The bomber strikes again.......How I spent my Summer vacation by Turtle Wexler" (Raskin 129). This is an example of the theme because it just shows that Turtle is not who everyone thinks she is.

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A part at the end of the book when you see the theme is when you find out that Sam Westing is also Sandy, Barney and Julian. "Her partner, Sandy McSouthers, was Sam Westing" (Raskin 125). This quote shows you that the whole time Sandy is in the book he is actually Sam but no one else knows that until the end and throughout the whole book Sandy, Barney and Julian are not who everyone thinks they are.
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