By: Kera Gaigler

The Capital of Aruba

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad.
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Major Cities of Aruba

Four major cities of Aruba are Sta Cruz, Barcadera, Sabaneta, and Noord.
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Was it controlled by another country?

Aruba was control by another country. The country is the Netherlands.

Did Aruba gained independence?

Yes, Aruba gained independence. It gained independence in 1990.

Is Aruba still controlled by another country?

Aruba is not controlled by another country now.

Official language

The official language is Papiamento and Dutch.


The flag of Aruba is blue with two thin yellow stripes and a 4 pointed star.

Where is Aruba

Aruba is in the Caribbean. Aruba is north of Venezuela.

Physical locations

Mount Jamanota is the tallest mountain in Aruba

Mount Hooriberg is the shortest mountain in Aruba

Natural Bridge is a rock shaped like a bridge.

Type of government

The government type is Parliamentary Democracy


The leader of Aruba is Mike Eman, the 5th prime minister.


The type of currency is Aruban Florin.

Economic system

The economic system is socialism.

why should people visit Aruba

Why people should visit Aruba is because of the white sand beaches, perfect weather, history, culture, landscapes, and exotic local dishes.

What should tourists see and do

Tourists should see the beaches, history, landscapes, and food.