My Clarinet Solo

by Trinity Kilde


My composer was Antonin Dvorak. Antonin Dvorak was a 19th-century Bohemian composer. Antonin was born on September 8th, 1841. He was exposed to music in and around his father’s inn. When he was a child he became accomplished violinist. Later on he attended an organ school and for about the next 10 years gave music lessons and played the viola in the National Theater. He married Anna Cermakova in 1873, and had six children. A few concerts made him well known. Until he died on May 1st, 1904 he was director of Prague Conservatory from 1901.

My Song:

Antonin Dvorak wrote New World Symphony while his visit to America in 1893. He was inspired to include American folk songs and spirituals. New World Symphony was thought to be based partly on the spirituals of African American slaves.

About me:

My name is Trinity Kilde and i'm 12 years old. I have two brothers and one sister named Ashton, Fischer, and Leighton. I have one dog named Piper. She's a golden retriever and my family is planning on getting another one in August.


I learned and enjoyed a lot of things about this project. I learned about my composer of my song and the definitions of my song. My favorite part about this project was editing the flyer and researching about my composer.