For Sale- EARTH!

What a Great Place to Live!

Spectacular Interior!

Of all planets, Earth has the most dense interior. This vast mass on the interior gives Earth a strong gravitational pull and a magnetic field.
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For sale now for $32 Trillion!

Specialized Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics of the Earth are directly linked to water. Plate tectonics regulate the temperature of water and the water enables plate tectonics to move. No other planets have water. Water and plate tectonics lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains. How exciting!


The Earth's atmosphere supports life and protects it. The gases of the Earth's atmosphere keeps it warm and transport energy to different parts of the planet. Planet Earth is exactly the right size. If it were smaller it could not hold our atmosphere. If it were much larger, it could be a gas giant that is too hot to sustain life. Bonus!
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Earth's Magnetic Field

Also included with no additional charge is the magnetic field that protects Earth from harmful blasts of solar radiation. This protective shield is why Earth has life and why Mars does not.
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Earth is the greatest place in the universe to live. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase this spectacular piece of real estate. Don't delay, call today!