Rainbow in the Water

By Bridget Fullam


Research shows that by 2030 all coral will be gone and only 50% of the cause is from humans snorkeling. The other 50% is because of tsunamis! On this website I will surprise you with many facts about the coral’s diet, habitat, and movement.


Did you get surprised with the many facts I shared about coral’s movement, diet, and habitat? Did you remember how deep coral can live? Also, do you remember coral can’t move? How about how it eats mostly algae? I hope you learned a lot about coral and enjoyed my article!

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Go Fish!!

The theme of my fish tank is a fantasy. It has a glow in the dark castle, some mystical plants and a Finding Nemo statue. It also has rainbow gravel. Some fish that call this place home is the Elephant Ear beta. The Siamese Fighting fish gets along well with the others. The Strawberry Dottyback blends in perfectly with the plants. Also, the Carpenter Fish likes it here, because it has plenty of room to swim. Lastly, the Blue Tang finds this habitat relaxing and comfortable! In total, to make this tank and get the fish it cost $245.57. The fish will need 13 gallons of support, because they are a total of 12.25 inches. I had a lot of fun customizing this tank and I recommend this project to others!


This is a diorama of the coral reef. In this creation, I made a swordfish, coral, starfish, dolphin, whale, clown fish, jellyfish, and squid.
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What Are Coral Reefs And What's Their Purpose?