Things To Do On Christmas

While Holidaying In London

Things To Do On Christmas While Holidaying In London

Are you planning to spend your Christmas in London this year? Then make sure you do not miss anything important from your itinerary. Christmas is the time of celebrations and London is an amazing tourist destination when it comes to gala celebrations of Christmas. Complete city is in party mood. From beautiful and breathtaking decorations to lavish food; you can surely have the best Christmas when you are in London.

Every nook and corner of the city is at its best. It gets really tough to decide on what to attend and what to miss. So here is a compiled list of things that you should have in your to do list on the Christmas eve in London to make the most and best out of your holiday. Read on and find out what they are.

  • Experience Christmas Lights

Christmas without lights can just not be imagined. You can experience some of the wonderful and beautiful light arrangements in the city which not only lit up the city but set the festive mood. Each year there are different light arrangements specific to the theme. Oxford Street Christmas Lights, Regent Street Christmas Lights are some of the wonderful glittering decorations which should not be missed at any cost.

  • Attend Christmas Carols and Concerts

You can visit some of the heart-throbbing stage performances which are scheduled specially for Christmas. You can visit some of the top notch concerts which are performed by some of the world-famous singers or you can also go to some family-friendly sing along shows for a warm experience. Do not forget to pay a visit to the beautiful churches which organize a wide range of recitals adding a spiritual feel to the festival. You can even find small kids visiting different houses singing melodious carols.

  • Try An Ice Skating

If you are in London for Christmas and you haven’t tried the favorite winter pastime of the city, you surely have missed a lot. Get on the coolest ice rinks in the city with your skates on and enjoy ice skating. When the temperature goes down you can try a spin on the ice rinks. Natural History Museum Ice Rink, Somerset House Ice Rink is some of the best places to visit for a thrilling and chilling ice skating experience.

  • Shop at Christmas Markets

Holiday without shopping is not a good idea. So make sure that you visit the vibrant Christmas markets which are the best place to find beautiful gifts, toy, fashion accessories, crafts etc. Beautifully decorated markets with amazing offerings for shopping add up to the festive feel. You can also experience various groups singing carols, decorating Christmas trees along with enjoying fairground rides with sumptuous pies. Barbi-can Design Market, South-bank Center Christmas Market are some such markets where you can experience the festive feel at its best.

Though the complete city is in high spirits but some of the things that you should experience other than the usual Christmas activities have been mentioned above to make your holiday in London a far better and memorable experience. So pack your bags with lots of colorful clothes for much colorful and vibrant Christmas celebration.

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