Rufus King

Philadelphia Convention Delegate

Basic Information

Delegate State: Massachusetts

Delegate Profession: American Lawyer

When did Delegate sign Constitution: 1787

How old was he when he signed the Constitution: 32

Professional Information

  • He became one of New York's first U.S. Senators
  • Served as U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain

What did your delegate do to help America gain Independence: He was a vocal lifelong opponent of slavery. He was an anti-slavery activist.

Was your delegates profession useful to creating a constitution: Yes

Constitutional Contribution

What ideas did your delegate come up/agree with: He voted to end the domestic slave trade and demanded that an anti-slavery clause be added to Missouri's application for statehood (1820) or the petition should be denied.

Why was your delegate chosen as a representative: He was a loyal member to his entire career & to his state.

State Information

Why would your delegates state want independence: nationalism & civil liberty for the enslaved minority.

How would the constitution benefit your delegate & or state: It would provide equal freedom & justices to all.

How could your delegate make the constitution benefit their state: It would help end slavery in the state & help the government of the state.

What were your delegates state main export: paper & beer


Unusual fact about your delegate:

  • His family's conspicuous wealth made them a target of vandalism during the Stamp Act protests in 1776.
  • The official state dessert of Massachusetts is Boston cream pie