Hurried Child Syndrome

Kids grow up fast enough don't push it to far.

What rushing will do to your child.

Rushing your child to grow up can have devastating consequences such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual fears, stress-related illness, burnout, and increased suicidal thoughts and actions.

Raising your child should be something that you take slowly and enjoy because they're not going to be young forever.

What it was and What it is Now.

Not 10 years ago being a kid was all about just having fun, and having the occasional after school activity. Now parents are pushing their children to the limit and they are ending up exhausted and to worn down to do much of anything after that. Now I'm not saying that it isn't harder for the kids now than it was 10 years ago, because it is. With modern day technology kids are exposed to way more than we ever were back then. Commercials on TV today sometimes expose more than we would want for children.

What the Media has to do with it

When your little girl of eight walks up to you and asks if she can have a Bratz doll like the one on the commercial, you walk out to see the commercial that is advertising Bratz, the first thing you notice is slutty outfits that they are wearing, then the little girls playing with the dolls who look to be the same age as your daughter who are smiling and having the time of their lives, but what the heck why not it's just a toy right what harm will that do. Well I'll tell you

That little girl , after you give in to getting her that doll, will beg you for more accessories for the doll, then they will come out with life sized dresses that fit your daughter perfectly and she'll beg you for that. Years pass and she will get the foundation for her fashion ideas from those dolls. High school will finally come and her clothes will not only show what her personality is but, being a girl myself, it will define her and she will become the unwanted outcast goth that nobody likes. Is that what you want for your daughter? All of this could happen just because she saw a commercial for a Bratz doll and bye seeing it made her dress like a teen rather than a little innocent girl who had everything going for her.

Media has everything to do with it so monitor what your children are watching and don't let that be the defining moment in your child's life.