Russian Revolution, 1905.

By: Shawn Burchard

Causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution

The Russian ruler at the time (Nicholas II) tried establishing a constitutional monarchy. It was also triggered by the government's slaughter of peaceful demonstrators in the city of Saint Petersburg. responding to the many workers went on strike and peasants throughout the city revolted through the entire revolution.

How various social, political, and economic groups viewed the Russian Revolution

WWI and its impact on the March, and October Revolutions.

WWI had a major impact on the march and October revolutions because everyone thought that the ruler wasn't ruling correctly. Also, there was very easy access to multiple types of weaponry, not that much was used by peasants.

Trotsky, Lenin, and the Bolshevik takeover.

The Bolshevik takeover was the take over of the Bolshevik party. Lenin was like the major role, or the leader of the party. Trotsky took the lead in the theft of many lives.